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Cruise South America 2017 / 2018

Cruise South America in 2017. Take to the oceans and see the spectacular
waters in and around South America.

South America cruises are the ideal way to explore this enticing continent without having to sacrifice any level of comforts or luxury. Whether you wish to discover the majesty of Patagonia, the life-force of the Amazon, the solitude of Antarctica or the fascinating nature of the Galapagos Islands, South America cruises allow you to witness all this enchanting destination has to offer from the comfort of your cruise ship.

Why not travel to the most distant and extreme destination on the planet on one of our Antarctic cruises? Here you can experience a destination few people have ever seen before. An area of adventure and scientific discovery, the only way of exploring this fascinating frozen continent from your cruise ship.

If Antarctica seems too distant, then discover Patagonia, the mythical “Land of Giants”. A land laced in mystery and mythology, Patagonia possesses a landscape of violet mountains, glittering glaciers and undeniably beautiful scenery.

Wildlife lovers should consider a cruise to the Galapagos Islands to discover the flora and fauna that left Charles Darwin in wonder. Boasting a wildlife like no other area in the world, a cruise to the Galapagos Islands is an experience of a lifetime.

For those who wish to explore the Amazon Rainforest while still maintaining a level of upmost comfort, an Amazon cruise is ideal. Spend your nights sailing the vast Amazon River and make daytime excursions to observe wildlife and encounter indigenous tribes.

Easily the most comfortable means of exploring this dazzling destination, South America cruises let you leave the rest of the world behind and travel to the alluring ice lands of Antarctica; cruise the Amazon River taking in the spectacular sights, sounds and scents of the largest rainforest in the world; follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and sail the Galapagos Islands; or travel to the remote region of Patagonia and witness the magnificent windswept scenery of this legendary land. Simply sit back and relax, as South America cruises send you on an unforgettable journey to incredible destinations.

Watch a short video of the cruise through the Chilean Fjords travelling from Punta Arenas via Cape Horn to Ushuaia and v.v.

This is an excellent way to see the most remote parts of Patagonia in comfort. Browse our other itineraries to learn more about our suggestions to cruise South America 2015

Cruising in Patagonia

Incredible, luminous and definitely unforgettable, Patagonia is like no other place you have or will ever visit. Find out more about our Patagonia cruise packages.



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