The Amazon

What better way to see the largest and most spectacular rainforest on the planet than by viewing it from the world’s mightiest river, the Amazon.

A cruise along its waters is like no other. You can enjoy fantastic facilities in comfort and style whilst also venturing into its exotic forests, meet local communities along the way and witness this ever changing land up close.

You not only see the Amazon, you hear it, smell it and feel it, after all it is the “lungs of the world” and perhaps the most important natural resource in the world. Departing from the Amazonian capital of Manaus you will set off first along the Rio Negro River or Rios Solimões and go on amazing photo safaris at Lago Aracari, Igarapé Aturiá, enjoy sunrise breakfasts and witness the encontro das águas or “Meeting of the Waters”.

There are regular departures to choose from and whilst here, why not make the most of your experience by staying in an Amazonian lodge to complete your stay.


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