Antarctic cruise


Cruise Antarctica

Leave the rest of the world behind and travel to the most distant and extreme destination on the planet.

Untouched for millennia, tourism on the White Continent is steadily growing for those who want to witness nature in all its unsullied beauty, from vast open ice plains scoured clean by the katabatic winds to its bountiful marine life and towering icebergs. The only way to visit this incredible place is on an Antarctic cruise, and it’s no ordinary cruise. Most cruise ships to Antarctica are ex-scientific vessels that have been adapted to the luxury travel market so that when the ever changing weather closes in, you can enjoy its facilities, join a naturalist lecture or savour a hot drink in comfort. There are many amazing sights to behold in Antarctica: get up close to the huge penguin colonies that dot the shoreline along the Antarctic peninsula, behold majestic glaciers at Paradise Harbor, take in the spectacular mountain peaks towering above the Lemaire Channel, and in some cases, take to the water in a kayak trip to experience nature up close. Incredible, luminous and definitely unforgettable, Antarctica is like no other place you have or will ever visit, and we’ll deliver it to you with our expertise at the best cost.




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