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Cruises to Antarctica started during the 1920s from the Falkland Islands to the South Shetland and South Orkney Islands to assist whaling and sealing stations there. That brought a small number of passengers who started to buy round trip tickets for commercial reasons, and from 1969 with purpose built liners.

Many of the cruises that visit Antarctica leave from Ushuaia in Argentina and their costs depend on how many days the cruises run, as well as the route. Some land visits could include mountaineering, skiing, snowshoeing or even a visit to the South Pole.

These kinds of cruises which visit Antartica have become popular especially in recent times and every year the small amount of tourist has grown steadily.



M/V Plancius – Perfect for polar expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic. It has a capacity for 116 passengers in 53 cabins with a large open deck spaces, giving the possibility to enjoy the incredible scenery and wildlife. It is an ideal ship for bird watching.

M/V Ortelius – Like Plancius it is perfect for explore the Antarctica with reinforced hulls and a capacity for 116 passengers in 53 cabins. Ortelius offers the comfort of a hotel and gives passengers a high quality exploratory wildlife program. Ideal for helicopter landings and to navigate through pack ice.