Galapagos Sample Itinerary (3 nights/4 days)

In the morning fly from Quito or Guayaquil to disembark on the island of San Cristobal, visiting the Interpretation Center and boarding the cruise ship. Beach visit. In the afternoon to Ochoa Beach.


Morning visit to Punta Suarez and Espanola Island. Afternoon visit to Bahia Gardener and the Island of Espanola


Morning visit to the Charles Darwin Center on Santa Cruz and Puerto Ayora town. Afternoon visit to the Island of Rabida.

Morning visit to Ochoa Beach, Isla Lobo and the sea lion rookery and San Cristobal Island.  After disembarkation take the return flight to Quito or Guayaquil.

Amazon Sample Itinerary (3 nights/4 days)

Your extraordinary adventure begins in the Brazilian city of Manaus. The cruise ship makes stops at various spots in the Amazon Rainforest, offering trips on small boats for guests who want to explore the jungle’s dense, untouched vegetation.

On this journey along the course of the Amazon River, you will enjoy all the modern conveniences on a luxury cruise ship, including fully-equipped cabins, exclusive bars and restaurants, a wide range of entertainment activities, shops, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, disco and a conference room for conventions.

Experience the tropical rainforest and the fascinating environs of the Amazon River on this trip deep into the jungle while you luxuriate in the comfort of a five-star hotel.

Passengers check-in for boarding at the reception office in the harbour building. Embark, accommodation in cabins and reservation of tables in the restaurant. 6:00pm Ship departs to Manacapuru, passing by Ponta Negra.
Captain’s welcome cocktail party, presentation of officers and crew in the Lua salon.
Lecture on safety and abandon ship procedures.
Welcome dinner in the Kuarup restaurant.
Live music and first contacts in the party salon and open bar on the top deck.

Passing through Manacapuru harbor.
Sunrise Lovers Breakfast at the upper deck.
Breakfast in the Kuarup restaurant.
Trekking and photo safari in the Manacapuru region.
Boat ride to Igarapés e Igapós.
Lunch in the Kuarup restaurant.
Reaching “Lago do Jacaré”.
Piranha fishing (optional).
Bird watching at Lago do Rei.
Music watching the sunset at the upper deck.
Dinner in the Kuarup restaurant.
Alligator spotting.

Reaching Janauacá.
Sunrise Lovers Breakfast at the upper deck.
Bird watching at Lago Janauacá.
Lunch in the Kuarup restaurant.
Photo safari at Lago Janauacá.
Trekking on land – 2 trails.
On the way to Igarapé do Rei – Rio Amazonas.
Lunch in the Kuarup restaurant.
Igarapé do Rei.
Bird watching and Alligator spotting at Igarapé do Rei.
Boat excursion through the “Igarapés”.
Goodbye dinner in the Kuarup restaurant.

On the way to “encontro das águas”.
Sunrise Lovers Breakfast at the upper deck.
Breakfast in the Kuarup restaurant.
Check-out and arrival at Manaus.
Passengers disembark.


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