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Argentina Holidays

Travel to the ends of the Earth to wild and wonderful Argentina, the “Land of Silver”. A holiday in Argentina offers a true escape for the more adventurous traveller

From the tropical forests of the northeast or the exciting and cosmopolitan capital with the diversity of attractions in Buenos Aires, to the windswept and spectacular scenery of Patagonia, this land of contrasts offers a wealth of possibilities.

A holiday in Argentina will show you that this country is the world’s eighth largest nation, but with only 36 million people it is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Because of its immense size it has a variety of natural landscapes and a dynamic cultural heritage to match. Be ready to discover a myriad of tourist attractions in Argentina.

Buenos Aires is a must. The birthplace of the tango and the final resting place of Eva ‘Evita’ Perón, this romantic city will enthral and captivate you with the warmth of its people. Surprise yourself with the variety of attractions in Buenos Aires.
To the north east are the dense forests of Misiones province and one of the most spectacular sights in South America, Iguazú waterfalls. Stretching over almost 3km these waterfalls in Argentina are an unforgettable reminder of nature’s sheer power and beauty. West from here is the other-worldly landscape of Salta.

To the south are the seemingly never-ending open spaces of Patagonia and the Pampas where you too can become a gaucho on one of the many ranches that encompass this vast land and spend your unforgettable holidays in Patagonia. High in the Andes to the west is the world class ski resort of Bariloche with luxury accommodation and spectacular scenery.

The further south you travel the closer you get to South America’s southernmost point. A land of wild open spaces and breathtaking vistas, glaciers and jagged mountain peaks, holidays in Patagonia offer adventurous travellers the chance to experience one of the last true wildernesses. Whether you prefer to marvel at the power and might of humpback and killer whales or to track the footprints of the elusive puma in the foothills of the Andes, nature is all around you.

If you are thinking that the tourist attractions in Patagonia run out, you could be wrong, there is much more to discover on your holidays in Patagonia. Then at the end of the world is Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) and the city of Ushuaia, the gateway to Antarctica. A land of immense contrasts and breathtaking beauty, the perfect holiday in Argentina awaits you each and every time.



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Argentina Profile

50 times Ireland
36 million
Buenos Aires (13 million)
Other Main Cities
Mendoza, Rosario, Cordoba
Argentine Peso (take EURO with you)
NORTHWEST: Subtropical PAMPAS: Temperate SOUTH: Sub-Antartic
Time Difference
GMT -3
Consult GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau