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Travel back in time to the region of the first Jesuit missions and the raw natural power of one of the great natural wonders of South America, Iguazú Falls. The roar of the Falls in Argentina and Brazil can be heard throughout the dense jungle that blankets the surrounding area and alive with amazing flora and fauna. It is truly a sight to behold.

From the tropical forests of the northeast or the exciting and cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires, to the windswept and spectacular scenery of Patagonia, this land of contrasts offers a wealth of possibilities.

Argentina is the world’s eighth largest nation, but with only 36 million people it is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Because of its immense size it has a variety of natural landscapes and a dynamic cultural heritage to match.

GOOD TIME TO VISIT: March to November

Declared a World Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO, the Falls in Argentina are one of the top attractions. Iguazú Falls have also featured in several movies, most notably ‘The Mission’ in 1986.

Further south in the Province of Misiones are the splendid church ruins of the famous Jesuit missions who first arrived here in the 16th century.

Stretching almost 3 km along the river of the same name the spectacular Iguazú Falls carry one of the largest volumes of water in the world. Iguazú Falls tours will take a full day on the Argentina side as you explore along the steel walkways, which wind through and over the tumbling waters and you can also spend a half day discovering the Falls in Brazil. One part of this enormous waterfall is a single plunge deep into a gorge known as the Garganta del Diablo or “Devil’s Throat”.

Iguazú Falls tours on the Brazilian side will allow you to witness this magnificent thundering cascade from below; climbing to the restaurant at the top you can enjoy the fabulous panoramas of the Argentinean part of the Falls.

If you are contemplating an Iguazú Falls holiday package you can easily continue your South American adventure from the Brazilian side, with frequent air connections to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. To get a real taste of the jungle you can stay in a lodge in the surrounding lush sub-tropical rainforest. Only two hours by air from Buenos Aires, a trip to Iguazú makes for an unforgettable experience.

Declared a World Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.


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