Resting on the banks of the Río Beni, Rurrenabaque – or “Rurre” as the locals call it – is Bolivia’s most popular ecotourism destination. The town is located near some of the best-preserved and most accessible wilderness areas in the country, such as the remarkable rainforests of the Madidi National Park and the Reserva de Biosfera y Territorio Indígena Pilon Lajas, as well as the incredible pampas along the Río Yacuma.

Rurrenabaque itself offers little in the way of entertainment. However the city’s laidback vibe and gorgeous location between the waters of the Beni River and the lush forest-clad foothills of the Andes, make it all too easy to spend a day or two unwinding in a hammock.

The Madidi National Park remains a favourite excursion on Bolivia tours. Encompassing a variety of ecosystems, the Madidi National Park is sure to provide trekkers with some awe-inspiring scenery. From tropical jungle and emerald savannahs to pristine cloud-forest, there will be no shortage of photo opportunities. Home to jaguars, pumas, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, spectacled bears, giant river otters, and maned wolves, the Madidi is brimming with over 700 species of wildlife and over 860 species of birdlife. Treks into the park can last between two days to a week, and can be carried out on foot or horseback. The best time to visit tends to be from May to August when the weather is most favourable.

Another popular excursion is to the Pampas del Yacuma. Unlike the Madidi National Park the Pampas themselves are not overly impressive. However during dry season – May to October – the river area is ideal for wildlife spotting. Here you can explore the Yacuma River from a canoe where you can view black-and-white caimans, turtles and capybara lazing along the river banks, as well as a variety of birdlife such as herons and three species of kingfisher. Although the real stars of the show are the pink freshwater dolphins. Watch as these fantastic creatures play and fish in the wide river bends, a truly enjoyable experience. Add Rurrenabaque and the Pampas to your Boliva tour for an unforgettable holiday