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Away from the beaches and world renowned sights of Rio, the interior of Brazil offers visitors a truly extraordinary experience. This vast landscape ranges from the dry grasslands of the Sertao to the steaming jungles of the Amazon rainforest to the north.


Nearly all flights to Manaus, the gateway to Amazon tours in Brazil, go via Brasilia, which is one of the most extraordinary achievements of the modern age. The entire city was completed back in 1960 in just 4 years and from there on in was heralded as Brazil’s sparkling new modernist capital city. Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s vision of a utopian society was realized in the shape of a bird and which has since morphed into one of the nation’s biggest cities. On a guided tour you can explore the vast open boulevards and spectacular modern political buildings, squares and main cathedral.

Then it’s off to Manaus, once the richest city in the Americas. Back during the golden age of the rubber boom in the 1800s the city was known as the Heart of the Amazon Brazil or City of the Forest, and not much has altered this recognition. Half the population of the Amazon lives in this hot, exotic port city so there’s lots to see and do. From exploring the bustling markets, to a trip to the famous Teatro Amazonas, where every piece of stone was imported from Europe over 150 years ago.

Finally, it’s time for the Amazon tour to explore the natural treasures of the most diverse forest on the planet. There are many great lodges to choose from where all your meals and activities are included in these trips. Pick and choose the tours that interest you most: perhaps an early morning bird watching canoe trip along the river as the mists clear and the tropical sun surfaces over the horizon. Or visit one of the indigenous local communities to see what life is really like in this amazing environment.

Amazon tours that combine a trip to Brasilia and the Amazon rainforest offer visitors incredible contrasting sights, spectacular vistas and unforgettable experiences.

Cristalino Lodge

Cristalino lodge is located in the midst of the forest, with accommodations that blend with the native jungle.


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Brazil Profile

120 times Ireland
190 million
Brasilia (3 million)
Other Main Cities
São Paulo (20m), Rio de Janeiro (11m), Belo Horizonte (6m)
Brazilian Reais
Tropical, South of Rio: Subtropical
Time Difference
GMT -2 to -5
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