An ideal location for viewing the breath-taking Colombian countryside, the Coffee Triangle boasts roving mountainous landscape of Andean rainforest and lush valleys sewn with coffee plantations; it is rural Colombia at its most beautiful.

Resting on the western slopes of the Andes, the Coffee Triangle is region consisting of three departments; Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío. While all three possess the gorgeous landscapes and fertile coffee plantations associated with this charming district, Quindío tends to remain the favourite for clients who travel Colombia. Home to the quaint village of Salento and the majestic Cocora Valley, Quindío is brimming with both natural and cultural scenery. If you want to take in amazing views, go on gentle hikes and sampling delicious coffee, make this part of your holidays in Colombia.


Founded in 1850, Salento is one of the oldest towns in Quindío, and certainly one of the prettiest. Salento is becoming an increasingly popular destination for holidays in Colombia due to its picturesque streets lined with craft shops and colourful paisa architecture, and of course its proximity to the magnificent Cocora Valley. A vast lush green valley, speckled with countless towering wax palms – Colombia’s national tree – the Cocora Valley is a landscape of immense natural beauty. Due to the high altitude of the area, the valley is often shrouded in clouds creating a scene both surreal and stunning.


Located at the northern tip of the Coffee Triangle is the city of Manizales. Known for its museums and monuments, as well as its annual theatre and jazz festivals in late September and early October, Manizales is one of Colombia’s culture capitals. Resting near Manizales is the Rio Blanco Reserve, a nature reserve of untouched rainforest populated with a myriad of birdlife. Renowned as one of world’s top bird watching destinations, the Rio Blanco Reserve is home to 362 bird species, including the Rusty-faced Parrot, Grass-Green Tanager, Rufous-Fronted Parakeet, Grey-Breasted Mountain Toucan, Golden-Crowned Tanager, and Rainbow-Bearded Thornbill, with such a dazzling array of bird and plant life this breath-taking piece of Colombian countryside is sure to revive even the weariest traveller.