An area often overlooked by travellers, the Pacific coast offers visitors excellent whale-watching and spectacular surfing opportunities. In Nuquí, you can experience the striking beauty of both dark sandy beaches and dense jungle, or explore the underwater world along the coast. If it is stunning natural scenery you wish to see, the Pacific coast is the perfect place to get off the beaten track when you travel Colombia.


More remote than other areas of Colombia, the Pacific coast is only accessible by air with Nuquí acting as a gateway town to this scenic destination. Travelling via Medellin, tends to remain the most popular route and ensures a chance to travel Colombia’s second largest city. Founded in 1616, Medellin is now a modern metropolis, and instantly recognised as Colombia’s capital of cool—it’s an epicentre of fashion, design, art, industry, education, and of course boasts a raucous nightlife.


Nuquí embodies everything that makes travel in Colombia such an enticing destination. Here you can hike through jungle trails and discover crystal waterfalls and thermal springs, or view colourful fish and dazzling coral while snorkelling. Like most of the Pacific coast, Nuquí boasts a large Afro-Colombian population – descended from Africans brought overseas as slaves during the Colonial era – and its culture greatly influenced by its African heritage. Bountiful wildlife, incredible waves, beautiful beaches and tropical rainforest, ensure Nuquí is bound to impress any traveller.

The best time to travel Colombia’s Pacific coast between July and October to witness the assembly of hundreds of humpback whales travelling north to warmer waters. With the beaches of Bahia Solano, Nuquí and the Gorgona National Natural Park, the Pacific coast is studded with plenty of ideal locations for viewing these majestic giants. Although the Pacific coast’s marine life is not limited to whales: turtles, dolphins, and a beautifully coloured fish are other charismatic visitors. While nature lovers will love the Pacific coast for its abundance of wildlife, surfers will love it for its crashing waves, as the beaches throughout the area are hotspots for surfing of all levels.