Costa Rica’s central valley and highlands boast some of the most fertile and most beautiful scenery in the country. Brimming with bubbling volcanoes, charming coffee plantations, scenic waterways, mountainous landscape, and dense jungle thriving with wildlife, the central highlands are well-worth a look when you visit Costa Rica.


For real adventure travel in Costa Rica, visit the youngest and most active of its volcanos, the Arenal is a picturesque conical volcano located in the fertile northern lowlands. Believed to be extinct until a 1968 earthquake re-awakened the volcano, the Arenal produced frequent, low-level eruptions until calming again in 2012. These Strombolian events were regularly accompanied by low rumbles, ash flumes, and mighty ejections of glowing rock and cinder.

Although the volcano is currently slumbering, travellers to Arenal will still enjoy the generous sights, sounds and activities in the surrounding area. With mountains to hike, lakes to fish and rivers to raft, the Arenal is a haven for lovers of the outdoors. An ideal excursion for anyone after adventure travel, the Arenal Volcano National Park is brimming with lush cloud forests, charismatic wildlife, and inviting hot springs. With white water rafting, horseback riding, paddle boarding, zip-line canopy tours, waterfall rappelling, and caving trips available, there are plenty of activities to keep you well-entertained when you travel in Costa Rica


There’s so much to see and do on a holiday in Costa Rica. A magnificent place to visit, Poas is a conical volcano in central Costa Rica offering visitors the opportunity to gaze into an active volcano without the exertion of hiking one. While by no means the largest volcano, Poas is certainly one of the most attractive. The park surrounding the volcano is brimming with beautifully surreal scenery of smoking fumaroles and skeletal trees caused by continuous scalding. The main crater – a colossal caldron filled with bubbling milky-green water measuring 1.3 km across and 300 metres deep – provides a truly spectacular view. Here, you can witness geysers explode into the air up to 250 metres high from a safe distance above. While one of the smaller craters offers picturesque views of a stunning sapphire lake surrounded by mountainous forest. As well as awe-inspiring landscapes, Poas Volcano National Park is also home to an assortment of wildlife, including the endemic Poas Volcano Hummingbird and the yellow-green tinged Poas Squirrel.