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Monteverde Cloud Forest & Rincon de la Vieja

Anyone going on holidays to Costa Rica will likely be interested in experiencing Costa Rica’s famously spectacular national parks are sure to be awed by Monteverde Cloud Forest and Rincon de la Vieja. Overflowing with exotic wildlife, colourful birdlife, tropical flora, striking waterfalls, soothing hot springs, and breath-taking landscapes, these parks are bound to impress and inspire. There’s so much choice of activities on a Costa Rica tour.

Tour Monteverde Cloud Forest

Shrouded in mist and positioned on the slopes of the Tilaran Mountains, Monteverde Cloud Forest is an inspiringly beautiful biological reserve boasting an encyclopaedic list of exotic flora and fauna. Brimming with iridescent butterflies, colourful frogs, 9 species of hummingbirds and over 500 species of orchids, and home to the less frequently spotted jaguars, oncillas, ocelots, monkeys and tapirs, Monteverde is perfect for people looking for a wildlife tour or nature holiday.

The areas surrounding the reserve also host a range of activities and entertainment you can participate in on your Costa Rica tour. From exploring the frightening hanging bridge trail systems, taking an adrenaline-fused zip-line canopy tour, visiting the enchanting butterfly gardens, to swimming in the majestic San Luis Waterfall. For those looking for something a little less adventurous, pay a visit to one of the local cooperatives to try their delicious coffees, cheeses or ice creams.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

One of Costa Rica’s most accessible volcanic parks, Rincon de la Vieja lies just 30 minutes northeast of the town of Liberia. Rincon de la Vieja National Park’s star attraction is its active volcano of the same name, which is flanked by two loftier volcanic peaks: a sister cone Volcan Santa Marta, and the dormant Cerro Von Seebach.

This area is an fantastic place to explore when you travel in Costa Rica. The landscape surrounding the Volcan Rincon is fizzing with geothermal energy; smoking fumaroles, therapeutic hot springs and bubbling mud pots, mingle with alluring waterfalls and lush forest to create a stunningly surreal setting. The park’s trails can be explored on foot or horseback, while anyone after a real adventure while on holidays to Costa Rica can experience Rincon de la Vieja from zip-line wire, or raft the park’s torrential white water.
Boasting the largest tropical dry-forest in Central America, Rincon de la Vieja is home to over 350 recorded bird species; including toucans, trogons, parrots, and bellbirds; as well as howler monkeys, armadillos and coatis.



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