visit Ecuador

Visit Ecuador

This striking land is one of South America’s smallest nations, yet is virtually a continent in miniature. Straddling the equator, Ecuador contains dense, tropical rainforest, towering snow-clad mountain peaks, fantastic Pacific beaches and beautiful colonial architecture. Take an Ecuador tour and discover this country of bold colours, amazing diversity and charming people.

GOOD TIME TO VISIT ECUADOR: all year round, with little rain in (our) summer.

Around four times the size of Ireland, this is a land of biologically diverse Amazonian jungle with indigenous tribes as well as some of the highest and most active volcanoes in the world. Aptly named after the equator that runs right through the country, A holiday in Ecuador will capture your imagination with the sheer variety of landscapes, cultures, flora and fauna.

The capital Quito is set in the very heart of the Andes and along with Cuenca to the south these two cities represent some of the finest colonial architecture in Latin America. The surrounding countryside is full of fascinating destinations. This is also a land with a colourful and friendly people who are a mix of Spanish and Indian blood, generally referred to as mestizo with many cultural festivals throughout the year.

When you visit Ecuador, you simply must visit Galapagos, the country’s most popular attraction (see Galapagos section). A vibrant land of amazing contrasts and a rich cultural heritage, a holiday in Ecuador offers the visitor an amazing experience that will stay in your memory forever.

visit Ecuador


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Ecuador Profile

4 times Ireland
14 million
Quito (2 million)
Other Main Cities
Guayaquil (3 million)
US Dollars
Andes: Highland, Amazon: Tropical
Time Difference
GMT -5
Consult GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau