Galapagos Tour: Amazing Wildlife

The islands are home to the famous giant tortoise, the oldest living creature on the planet, the amazing vegetarian marine iguana, the Galapagos penguin, waved albatross, sea turtles and sea lions, to name but a few. Many species are found nowhere else in the world and have evolved over thousands of years to become such unique and adaptable species as to confirm Darwin’s theories of evolution.

For those who appreciate nature and amazing wildlife, a Galapagos holiday is one the world’s most unforgettable and rewarding experiences. Or, even better, visit Galapagos in complete comfort and style on a luxurious ocean yacht.

Galapagos Tortoise:
You can’t go to these islands without falling in love with these gentle, pre-historic creatures. All turtles found on the islands belong to the group Geochelone elephantopus. They are divided into 14 sub-species (three of which are extinct), differentiated by the form and size of their shell as well as neck and extremities.

Marine Iguanas:
You will see these creatures everywhere the moment you arrive. This is the only lizard in the world that lives in the ocean and the three species seen on the islands are endemic. Marvel at how they change colour and how these cold- blooded creatures sunbathe to regulate their body temperature.

This is the only penguin found in warm equatorial waters. It’s the most northerly penguin in the world, as the rest are found in the Southern Hemisphere. Isla Isabela and Fernandina have the most penguins, but if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a small colony at Bartolomé.



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