Guyana Holidays

Unlock South America’s Wild Side
Truly off the beaten track destination with a rich culture and an unspoiled natural environment, Guyana is one of the least-visited corners of South America. If you’re looking for an off the beaten track adventure, a Guyana holiday is for you.

Guyana has it all: cowboys, wildlife, waterfalls, mountain scenery and incredible open savannahs. Wildlife watching opportunities in Guyana are superb offering the chance to see: jaguar, giant anteaters, giant river otters, black caiman, tapir, monkeys, frogs, turtles, snakes and over 800 species of birds including the harpy eagle, one of the world’s largest eagles. Not to mention Kaieteur Falls is the world’s tallest single-drop waterfall and 5 times the height of Niagara Falls, and virtually unvisited.

As South America’s only English-speaking Country, Guyana offers travellers what few other destinations have: the chance to engage directly with the local people. Guyana is a veritable melting pot of peoples of African, Indian, European, and Chinese descent inviting a fascinating mixture of religion, culture, celebrations and cuisine. And with 9 Amerindian tribes in Guyana, there are plenty of opportunities where visitors can stay in community-run lodges and learn about real village life.

Georgetown is Guyana’s capital, once nicknamed “the Garden City of the Caribbean”, has quaint tree-lined streets and charming colonial architecture preserved from its days as a Dutch, and English colony. While in the city, take a tour, eat local food, feed the manatees and visit the world-class El Dorado.

The best way to experience the interior to of this spectacular country is by plane and visit the lodges, nature hikes, boats trips, villages and wildlife. Excellent local guides will take you trekking in the rainforest or by boat on the rivers off the beaten track. Highlights include: the Iwodrama Canopy Walkway where you can see and hear the forest come to life at dawn and dusk; boat trips to see giant waterlilies open; stargazing and spotlighting for caiman, snakes and nocturnal creatures at night on the river. Guyana is a destination full of unforgettable experiences even for the most seasoned traveller.

Due to its location, Guyana offers the opportunity to extend your trip to any of the adjoining countries nearby. Barbados and Brazil being the most popular.



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Guyana Profile

3 times Ireland
Other Main Cities
New Amsterdam, Linden
Guyana Dollar (take EURO, USD or GBP with you)
English plus Amerindian languages
Time Difference
GMT -4
Consult GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau