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Land of Inca temples and ancient cities Peru is also full of breathtaking vistas from the Andes to the Amazon jungle. Come and discover the magnificent old capital of Cuzco and let Machu Picchu take your breath away. Peru tours offer visitors a fascinating adventure this Land of Abundance will enchant, enthral and surprise.

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One of the most popular destinations in South America, particularly with couples who travel on honeymoon to Peru, the country has long enchanted visitors with its spectacular Inca heritage, soaring mountain peaks and the charm of its people. Peru ’s population is a dynamic mix of Spanish and Indian descent and a large mestizo (mixed race) population.

Once you arrive in historic Lima your Peruvian adventure can take you anywhere. But this varied land is much more than just mountains and monuments. The Nazca desert lines are colossal animal designs created hundreds of years ago and are only visible from the air.

To the east are the mighty Andes and historic sites at every turn. And in this land of extremes lies the Amazon rainforest, home to isolated jungle communities and an amazing variety of plant and animal life. A must is a visit to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru’s high plain, the Altiplano, where the Uros have lived since before the Incas. One trip will not be enough in a country that overflows with variety and awe-inspiring sites. The Nuevo Mundo travel experts will help put together the ideal travel itinerary for your holiday or honeymoon to Peru.


Through our partners in Peru there is an agreement with the Rainforest Alliance to make changes to ensure our local service provider is adopting environmentally and socially sound practices. As the CEO of our local partner company stated: “This is a very important step in our commitment to develop sustainable tourism practices. We have been working on social responsible actions with some communities in Cusco, but we know the next step is working on environmental issues. With our leadership in the industry, we know we can make big changes others can follow”

Peru tours


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Peru Profile

18 times Ireland
27 million
Lima (8 million)
Other Main Cities
Arequipa, Cuzco, Trujillo
New Sol (take EURO with you)
Andes: Cool temperate, Amazon: Tropical
Time Difference
GMT -5
Consult GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau