Holidays to Lima & Nazca Lines

Lima, which hugs the Pacific coastline of Peru, is a city with beautiful colonial architecture and a magnificent cathedral. And just a little south in the high dry deserts you can marvel at the strangely mysterious Nazca Lines; from the air they are a true ancient marvel. Explore the wonders of Peru while on holidays to Lima, we’ll help you plan the ideal travel itinerary.

 GOOD TIME TO VISIT: November to April

Founded in the 1500’s by conquistador Francisco Pizarro, on holidays to Lima you can spend the day exploring the city’s colonial and modern sights. Visit the Plaza Mayor, City Hall, the baroque San Francisco Church, and the stunning cathedral, which dates back to 1555.

Then in the evening savour the delights of the local cuisine at Las Brujas de Cachiche, a private colonial home built in 1912. South of the city in the province of Ica high on the desert plateau are the mysterious Nazca Lines. These are most likely a type of agricultural calendar to help regulate the planting and harvesting of crops, or perhaps some of the straight lines served as ancient sacred paths connecting huacas, or power spots.

Regardless of why they were made, the Lines, with their beautiful animal designs and measuring up to 300m across, are among the strangest and most unforgettable sights in the country.

From your base in Lima the rest of Peru awaits you. To the east lies the Andes and the historic monuments of Cuzco and Machu Picchu, and the spectacular Amazon jungle.

Hotel B Lima located in Barranco neighbourhood, B Arts Hotel offer elegant accommodation.

Hotel B Lima located in Barranco neighbourhood, B Arts Hotel offer elegant accommodation.

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Peru Profile

18 times Ireland
27 million
Lima (8 million)
Other Main Cities
Arequipa, Cuzco, Trujillo
New Sol  (take EURO with you)
Andes: Cool temperate, Amazon: Tropical
Time Difference
GMT -5
Consult GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau