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Mount Erebus

This is the most spectacular Antarctic journey ever! An experience not to be missed! This is your unique chance to be part of a real expedition voyage across the Ross Sea. Includes 3 nights in New Zealand and a night in Argentina before and after the cruise. Trip extensions available!

38 day trip: Includes all flights, transfers, accommodation, full board 30 night cruise & activities from €25,920 €20,220pp + taxes.


✔ 3 nights in Invercargill, New Zealand before cruise

✔ 30 night cruise from Bluff, New Zealand to Ushuaia, Argentina through the Ross Sea

✔ UNESCO World Heritage Site: Campbell Island,

✔ Cape Adare where Norwegian Borchgrevink stayed in 1899

✔ Ross Island where dramatic British expeditions took place, with huts of both Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott

✔ Helicopter flight over the Ross Ice Shelf

✔ Possibility to sight Antarctic Wildlife: such as Emperor Penguins and Killer Whales



This trip of a lifetime begins with a flight connections from Dublin to Invercargill on New Zealands South Island. A beautiful green and fertile area, you’ll have 3 days to relax and explore before you begin your epic expedtion journey across the end of the earth.

The Cruise
Ortelius Ross Sea Cruise
Day 1 – 2 At Sea

Passengers embark on Ortelius ship. “Ortelius” is a great expedition vessel for 116 passengers with lots of open-deck spaces. The vessel is manned by 22 highly experienced international nautical crew, 19 international hotel crew, 8 expedition staff (1 expedition leader, 1 assistant expedition leader and 6 guides/lecturers), and 1 doctor.

Day 3: Campbell Island

First port of call on this extraordinary voyage is Campbell Island. This uninhabited subantarctic island is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a colony of Southern Royal Albatrosses. Three penguin species, Eastern Rockhopper, Erect-Crested and Yellow-Eyed Penguins breek here also.

Day 4 – 8 At sea en-route to Cape Adare

Sailling south to the Ross Sea

Day 9 Cape Adare

The setting for many Antarctic expeditions and a must visit location for fans of Antarctic history. Also home to the largest colony of Adelie Penguins in the world!
Adelie Penguins Antarctica
Day 10 – 11 The Ross Sea

The expedition may attempt a landing of Cape Hellet with its Adelie Penguin rookery. Also a stop at the Drygalski Ice Tongue and Italian Mario Zucchelli Station if conditions allow.

Day 12 – 16 Cape Evans

Intention to visit Ross Island where many dramatic British expeditions of the last centurey took place. The cabin of Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott will be found. Attempt to visit the US-station McMurdo and Scott Base. If ice blocks the way and weather is favourable, helicopters will be used to offer landings at some sites. 10km hike possible at McMurdo Station for great views across the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole.

Ross Sea Antarctica Icebergs

Day 17 – 18 Ross Ice Shelf

Sail along the Ross Ice Shelf, a floating mass of land-ice with a front of 30 metres high. If conditions allow, helicopter landing on the Ice Shelf will be attempted.

Day 19 – 24 Admundsen Sea!

Sailing here many animal sightings are possible, such as: Emperor Penguins, seals on ice-floes, Orca & Minke Whales along the ice-edge.

Orca Ross Sea Antarctica

Day 25 Peter Island

If weather conditions alllow: helipcopter landing on Peter Island

Day 26 – 27 Bellingshausen Sea

En-route to Antarctic Peninsula

Day 28 – 29 Antarctic Peninsula!

Weather depending, will visit Detaille Island or the Fish Islands Adelie Penguins and Blue-eyed Shags breed on the islands among the large icebergs. Prospect Point will be the stunning location for setting foot on the Peninsula. On Pleneau Island, fur seals may haul out on beaches along with Gentoo Penguins, Kelp Gulls and South Polar Skuas.  Afterwards the expedition will set a course through the famous Lemaire Channel and the Drake Passage.

Day 30 – 31

En-route to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentinga for disembarkation and journey home via Buenos Aires.




Price based on travel dates: 10th February 2017 – 19th March 2017.

Tailor-made options available

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