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Panama: Much more than a Canal



One of the most famous Panama tourist attractions is The Panama Canal, but there is so much more to explore.

In the west there are an incredible unspoiled highlands full of nature and wildlife, pristine tropical islands along the north coast and abundant rainforest in the East. These and much more Panama tourist attractions are waiting to be discovered.

During your holidays in Panama you have the cosmopolitan city of Panama located in the heart of the country, with lots of entertainment and first class restaurants and casinos. The best way to get to know the most important places is on a Panama city tour. It begins with a trip to the ruins of Panama Viejo and finishing in the famous Panama Canal. But if you really think that is it, you are wrong, the best experience is a partial crossing of the Panama Canal to get to know the so-called Eighth Wonder of the World. Whilst Panama’s shopping scene is a magnet for shoppers from all over Central America.

When you are in holidays in Panama every day offers something new, so visit the San Blas Islands and spend some time lounging in a hammock or relaxing on the beach. Then visit the cigar factory, the historic Church of Los Caballos de Natá and spectaculars days in Boquete, in the Northern Highlands. Boquete is one of the Panama tourist attractions for those who love the great outdoors.

As if all this were not enough holidays in Panama offer a whole new view of nature with an exhilarating ride on steel cables from tree crown to tree crown and trips by boats around Colon island and a boat ride to Laguna Bocatorito where you will hopefully get to see a dolphin colony.

So why not join us on this discovery of unknown lands and experience yourself what a unique holiday in Panama is all about.

16 days program to this beautiful country include Panama city tour and more tours in another destinations, transfers, accommodation, internal and international flights from just €3890 + taxes.

The best date to travel Panama: all year around. Call us for further information.


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