Free Guyana Travel Talk: November 11th

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Come along to the Tropical Medical Bureau at 54 Grafton Street, Nov 11 at 6pm for a fascinating talk on the Guyanas, nestled along South America’s northern shores.

We are delighted to introduce Guyana to our programme, opening the door to the last, least-visited corners of South America and the Caribbean. Our Guyana holidays will promote ecologically sensitive tourism through a responsible attitude towards the environment. Our Guyana partners’ expertly crafted itineraries are built on more than 20 years of hands-on experience.

Guyana has preserved the vast majority of its rainforest in pristine form. This presents an opportunity for first-hand exploration found in few other places on Earth. When you visit Guyana, you encounter a magnificent and untouched place. As South America’s only English-speaking country, Guyana also offers something less dramatic but equally valuable to the curious traveller: opportunities to engage directly with the local people.

Guest speakers:

Nuevo Mundo’s manager Michael Harrington will be delighted to introduce 2 guest speakers:

Tony Thorne first visited Guyana in 1988, loved the adventure and rawness of the country so much that he became President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana in 1991. He has travelled extensively throughout Guyana and also the neighbouring countries to find suitable properties, locations and communities to work with in developing tourism to the region.

UK Representative, Claire Antell is also the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Travel Association. She has travelled throughout Guyana, Suriname and beyond.

Location: Tropical Medical Bureau at 54 Grafton Street,

When: Nov 11 at 6pm

RSVP: via email to or call 01-2412360 to book your space!