Inkaterra – La Casona

Inkaterra presents the first Relais & Chateaux hotel in Peru (2010), an exquisite 16th century mansion meticulously restored.

Inkaterra La Casona is a colonial manor house —perhaps the first Spanish construction in Cusco— centrally located on an Incan settlement near Cusco’s present-day main square, later occupied by the conquistadores of Peru and their descendants. Eleven suites surround a sumptuous courtyard, where the patina of time is tastefully preserved. Contemporary amenities create the ambience of comfort and exclusivity enjoyed by residents in centuries past.

Comfort and luxury in complete privacy and authentic Peruvian refinement.
Re-live the layered heritage at Inkaterra La Casona and enjoy complete relaxation in its calm and serene surroundings, your quiet oasis amidst the vibrant capital of the Incan empire.

Appreciate Cusco’s unique mestizo grandeur in the blended essence of Spanish design and local flavors. Enjoy its contemporary fixtures integrated with the original facilities, traditional colors, murals, and stone reflecting the patina of several eras.

Experience and explore from Inkaterra La Casona, a destination as well as a hub to begin your discovery of the Andes. Visit the various valleys and villages surrounding the city, absorbing the magic and mysticism; or organize your excursions to other travel destinations in Peru.

Private spa, massage
Room service
Dining room & dining terrace
Terraces, courtyard & inner patios
Privileged location.

A colonial manor house centrally located on an Incan settlement near Cusco’s present day main square.