After booking can I add additional tours to the itinerary?

Yes, subject to availability.

Are Laser, Visa debit and Credit Cards accepted?

Laser Cards only in ATMs, Credit Cards and Visa debit cards are generally accepted.

Are optional tours included in the itinerary/quote?

There are options to consider, not everyone wants these.

Are your suggested trips based on groups?

Yes, unless ‘private’ is mentioned

Can I/we meet you in person to discuss details?

Yes, but please ring to make an appointment.

Can additional tours be added during the trip?

Generally not, but sometimes the local guide can help.

How can payment deposits and balances be made?

By Laser, Cheque, Transfer or Credit Card (2% charge).

If we are going on our honeymoon, can we get any free upgrades?

We try very hard, but cannot guarantee this.

In general, what’s included in your quotes?

All flights, private transfers, hotels (B&B), cruises and tours as specified.

Is breakfast included in all hotels?

Indeed – usually this is a buffet with hot and cold food.

Is Nuevo Mundo licensed and bonded?

Licence no is TA0535 and we’re Bonded by the Aviation Commission.

Should I bring US dollars and exchange them there?

Only for Ecuador – everywhere else EURO is fine.

Upon booking what other details do you need besides the deposit?

Names as per passport and your Insurance Policy.

What health concerns should I be aware of?

Best to check with your GP and/or Tropical Medical Bureau; some inoculations to be mindful of are Hep A, Tetanus, Typhoid and Yellow Fever

What is the weather like?

Only the southern half of South America can get quite cold during our summer. Other places vary wildly; usually details are in every section.

What safety precautions should I take?

Don’t show off expensive phones, cameras or jewellery in the cities. Pickpocketing / distracting you from your property are the two main concerns. Our local guides will explain local details.

What’s the minimum number of passengers needed for a fixed departure to go ahead?

Usually either two or four.

When is the final balance due?

Three months prior to the departure date.

Will I have emergency contact numbers during our stay?

Yes, at least one per country you’re visiting and as a last resort you can ring us at +353 1 2412360/89.