Who Needs Luxury? - Peru June 2017

Michael Harrington | 

Things got delayed. Actually, everything got delayed. One flight after another suffered either a technical difficulty, heavy airport traffic, or your aircraft just not there. This was the inauspicious start to my trip in June to Peru, and through no one’s fault but life itself, I can’t recall having so wanted to get to my final intended destination. And arrive I did (sans baggage of course) into Lima, a few hours later than intended after a grand total of 20 hours travel.

If I arrived in with nothing organized, nobody to meet, I would have been seriously unhappy. But that wasn’t the case, because my wonderful colleagues in Peru were there: private driver, guide and personal air-conditioned vehicle waiting for me. They had already known about the lost baggage and so the first port of call as they suggested was getting some clothes (I’d be needing some of those). And so this was a taste of the type of luxury I’m talking about: attention to detail; actually caring about your client and putting themselves in their shoes (I actually had those).

The next day was a long, demanding day I had requested to take me to Cahuachi and overnight in Paracas (south of Lima). But besides a forewarning of “it’ll be long” off we went at 06.00. This time my very own experienced guide, operator executive, and not one but two drivers to legally operate over those many hours of driving ahead. It was a simple case of ‘I asked, and they delivered’.

There are so many definitions of what luxury is, but when you pare it down it comes down to the value of something rare. It can be an expensive hotel that makes staying there for most people a rarity; it can also mean having experiences that are so private and exclusive that they too become ‘rare’. And in my very direct experience it did mean the latter as well as the feeling of being treated in a very special way and where requests didn’t have to be made, as they had already been fulfilled.

So when we dream of that amazing adventure, planned what seems like an eternity ago, we need things to work like clockwork. But in an age of mass travel, ever-complicated and demanding requests, bespoke travel companies are there to deliver on those promises and this is why we need luxury.

Luxury can be many different things to different people but one thing that’s omnipresent is rarity, and that’s what makes the experience special and so very needed.

With thanks also to:
Hotel B, Lima
Luxury Collection, Paracas
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