Take Me to Mexico!

Michael Harrington, Manager | 

We’re really exciting to be talking about Mexico. This is a really awesome destination in the true sense of the word! Dominating Central America this charismatic country is the latest addition to the Nuevo Mundo portfolio of incredible destinations in Latin America.

Mexico cenote

Mexico cenote

What’s most exciting is that we’re not going to just offer what everyone else does, i.e. Cancun, Los Cabos, but we’ll go way beyond these places to bring you real Mexico is all its Technicolor glory. By all means take in the beautiful beaches of Quintana Roo and Baja but we’ll take you on the path less trodden to explore charming haciendas, incredible religious festivals such as the Day of the Dead and unique experiences like glamping in the Sea of Cortez.

The more you know about Mexico the more misconceptions are dispelled and the more exciting it becomes! There is also an incredible myriad of fantastic boutique hotels in Puerto Escondido, Todos Santos and plenty more gems off the beaten track. From Copper Canyon in the north to the splendid Maya ruins of Palenque, Mexico will charm its way into your heart. Of course its the people and culture that make all the difference, something Mexico has in abundance.

Mexico is such a vast country it can be visited all year round even during the summer months when temperatures can peak you can choose between the cooler colonial highlands of San Miguel de Allende, or brisk waters of the Pacific Ocean in Baja, Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta.

Of course you’ll still enjoy the same services you’ve come to expect from Ireland’s premier tour operator for Latin America: private airport transfers, unique destinations and experiences and top services from the get go. We have fantastic friends on the ground who will take care of all your travel needs and deliver truly memorable travel experiences with their expert tour guides.

We’ll be adding in some incredible sample itineraries soon as well as dedicated destination pages in the coming months do stay tuned.

Viva Mexico!