Aruba: The Dos and Don'ts of a Caribbean Gem

Michael Harrington, Manager | 

Aruba, aka “One Happy Island” is known in certain circles as a relative mass market Caribbean sun destination. This is true to a point, but with some crucial insider advice you can have a really incredible holiday Caribbean beach holiday on one of the friendliest islands in the Dutch Antilles.

1. Stay at some of the tasteful “Low-Rise” hotels such as Manchebo and Bucuti Tara Eagel Beach or even Ocean Z Boutique hotel on the Noord coast by Arashi Beach. Availability can be a bit tricky but by booking in advance especially for the high season which runs from December-March you should find that perfect ocean view room to enjoy the sunset.
2. Rent a car or jeep while you’re here. The island is small and very easy to navigate and booking your car hire can be done incredibly easily through your hotel. I booked up a car at 4pm and by 5pm was delivered to the hotel…a doddle. You can then explore some beautiful areas like Molmok and Arashi Beach and the California lighthouse up north. And there’s also a lovely restaurant at the lighthouse worth checking out. Discover the east coast and the desert-like Arikok national Park with its hiking trails, windswept beaches and towering cacti.
3. One of the most impressive beaches is Baby Beach located on the island’s south coast. The water is shallow, crystal clear and there’s a relaxed local vibe you wont fine elsewhere. It’s a real must.

1. There’s are some very (very) large hotels such as the Riu and Hyatt in what is known locally simply as the “High-Rise” hotel area. It’s all a bit impersonal and lacking in local charm so although you’re in the lap of luxury, you really could be almost anywhere.
2. Renaissance Island to visit the pink flamingos. This is a tricky one as this has become very famous as an Instgrammers paradise: brilliantly coloured American flamingos strolling on white sand beaches. So what’s not to like? The catch is that these birds apparently have had their wings clipped, unable to go anywhere. You’re better off spending a few nights in nearby Bonaire at Harbour Village and enjoy hundreds in their natural environment.

So call us today and we’ll help book your dream holiday to Aruba. It works as a handy pre or post extension to your stay in Colombia and or Peru.