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Take to the oceans and see the spectacular waters in and around South America from the comfort and convenience of a luxury cruise ship.

Leave the rest of the world behind, and travel some of the most incredible places where nature in all its glory surrounds you. South America cruises let you navigate the breathtaking ice lands of Antarctica, or traverse the Amazon River to experience the sounds and scents of the largest rainforest in the world. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and sail the Galapagos Islands, a stunning archipelago of unmatched wild beauty and diversity. Or travel in the wake of the great explorers and embark on a voyage to the remotest regions of Patagonia and witness the windswept scenery of this legendary land all the way to Cape Horn. [embed][/embed]

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Ever dreamt of visiting the Antarctic, one of the most distant and extreme destinations on the planet? Here you can experience a destination few people have ever seen before. An area of adventure and scientific discovery, this is the only way of exploring this fascinating frozen continent


If windswept Cape Horn is on your bucket list, then discover Patagonia, the mythical “Land of Giants”. A land laced in mystery and mythology, Patagonia possesses a landscape of violet mountains, glittering glaciers and undeniably beautiful scenery


Wildlife lovers should consider a cruise to the Galapagos Islands an absolute must. Discover the truly unique flora and fauna that left Charles Darwin in wonder.


For those who wish to explore the Amazon Rainforest while still maintaining a level of upmost comfort. Spend your nights sailing the vast Amazon River and make daytime excursions to observe wildlife and encounter indigenous tribes.


The best way to explore this stunningly beautiful and still untouched region is on an expedition arctic cruise. from the dramatic coastline of Greenland to sailing the tip of Norway to enjoy the northern lights in splendid isolation, or the incredible wildlife of Svalbard to the North Pole itself, let us take you there.