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Weaving its way through the largest rainforest on Earth, a cruise along the Amazon River provides an intimate window into the world’s largest rainforest.

Able to reach parts of the forest inaccessible to those restricted to ground transport, you’ll witness the sights, smells and sounds otherwise only known by the animals of the Amazon. Known as the “lungs of the world”, few places on Earth offer such biodiversity. Simply witnessing the might of the Amazon is a remarkable feeling, whilst doing so from the comfort of a cruise ship only adds to the experience.

cruise highlights

  • Covering nearly 10,000km2, Yasuni National Park in Ecuador contains a large portion of the wildlife species that makes the Amazon the most biodiverse place on Earth
  • Home to the famous Amazon river dolphin, Laguna Pañacocha (Lake of Piranhas) is where many adventurous travellers opt for diving into piranha-infested waters.
  • The largest city in the world without a road, Iquitos in Peru is home to the Amazon Rescue Center, which protects any endangered local wildlife.
  • Peru’s largest wildlife sanctuary, Pacaya Samiria is another option for wildlife lovers, with 1,000 plant species and hundreds of exotic animal species.
  • Witness the Meeting of the Waters in Brazil’s mighty Amazon River, where the muddy River Solimões meets the confluence of the black Rio Negro.

best time to visit

May - October

The diverse landscapes of the Amazon can experience rainfall at any time of year, but in general these would be the driest months. Temperatures should be considerably cooler and conditions less humid. Visiting during the wet season however does raise the river levels, making it possible to cruise routes that would otherwise be inaccessible during the dry season.

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