antarctica cruises

Leave the rest of the world behind and travel to its most distant and extreme destination on an Antarctica Cruise. Unlike anywhere else on Earth, it is a privilege for adventurous travellers to embark on what was once such a treacherous journey on a modern and comfortable cruise ship.

Untouched for millennia, tourism to the White Continent is steadily growing for those who want to witness nature in all its unsullied beauty. From vast open ice plains scoured clean by the katabatic winds, to its bountiful marine life and towering icebergs. Many Antarctica cruise ships are ex-scientific vessels that have been adapted to the luxury travel market. When the ever-changing weather closes in, you can enjoy its facilities, join a naturalist lecture or savour a hot drink in comfort.

cruise highlights

  • Vast penguin colonies dot the shoreline along the Antarctic peninsula and South Georgia, with giant Orcas lurking beneath the waves.
  • The glaciers at Paradise Harbour are nothing short of spectacular, with dramatic ice cliffs dotted along the dramatic shoreline.
  • The Lemaire Channel is one of the most scenic areas in the continent, with its exceptionally calm waters earning it the title of “Kodak Gap”.
  • On Deception Island, powerful geological forces have created thermal pools that are perfect for a less cold dip in the ocean.
  • Nothing comes close to open air camping underneath the Antarctic stars in comfortable tents supervised by an experienced field guide.

best time to visit


The extreme conditions from April to October make it impossible to visit, with most Antarctica cruise operators starting in November. After that it’s just a case of deciding what you want to see when you’re there. This would be a great time of year to see penguins and other native birds, with November being a particularly special time with melting ice creating incredible icebergs. Christmas and New Year would usually be the most popular time to visit Antarctica.


This is whale watching season, with everything from sperm and humpback whales to orcas roaming the seas. Penguin chicks will be starting to fledge too, so you’ve every chance of seeing young emperor penguins come to grips with the harsh environment they will have to survive in. The fact they are at their most adorable at this age is a bonus.

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