arctic cruises

How do you summarize in one page one of the most varied and complex regions of our planet that spans oceans and almost half a dozen countries?! The best way to explore this stunningly beautiful and still untouched region is on an expedition arctic cruise. From the dramatic coastline of Greenland to sailing the tip of Norway to enjoy the northern lights in splendid isolation, or the incredible wildlife of Svalbard to the North Pole itself, let us take you there in luxury. We believe expedition cruises are the best way to cruise: smaller vessels, luxurious cabins, superb cuisine and always a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Arctic cruises offer so much to those with a spirit of adventure, and the options are incredibly varied. One of the most accessible regions from Ireland is Svalbard which is also one of the best places to spot polar bears…from a distance! From here there are unique routes that will take you from here to Iceland with its dramatic volcanic landscapes and rivers of ice and lava. Or you can travel to remote Eastern Greenland and visit isolated Arctic communities and towering icebergs. You’ll also have the opportunity to see charismatic creatures such as walrus, narwhals, blue whales, muskoxen and puffins. Cruising not only offers you the adventure of a lifetime to remote areas but also the chance to learn about how important these fragile ecosystems are and how by visiting them you contribute to their preservation. For those that have it on their bucket list, or simply wish to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, we can take you on an unforgettable cruise to the top of the world, the North Pole. With our strong links to numerous cruise partners who also sail to Antarctica you can travel with us in complete confidence.

things to do

  • Go on a photo safari to seek out the world’s largest land predator, the majestic polar bear.
  • Sail the fringes of northern Norway on a special Northern Lights cruise.
  • Meet the people to call the Arctic home and why not have a game of football with locals. There’s no better way to bridge the culture gap!
  • Explore the mesmerising Arctic underworld on special diving cruise departure.
  • The polar dip: if you don’t have your PADI don’t worry, there’s no excuse to brave the Arctic water…its life affirming!

suggested itineraries

Remote Spitsbergen

11 Days / 10 Nights

from €5490pp