la paz holidays

A metropolis of the mountains, La Paz in Bolivia is a kaleidoscope of colonial buildings, Andean markets and towering office blocks.

Although the city’s most spectacular buildings are all overshadowed by the magnificent ice-capped peaks of Mount Illimani. A bizarre mixture of old and new, La Paz is known as the highest capital city in the world, at over 3,600m above sea level. After you have adapted to the altitude, take a tour of the colonial city centre, packed with plazas, beautiful churches and an assortment of museums.

things to do

  • Once the capital of a mighty empire, the ruins of Tiwanaku are some of the most unique and insightful historic sites in South America, with many of its mysteries still unravelling.
  • The Mi Teleferico is both the longest and highest cable car in the world, providing a practical and scenic way to navigate the city.
  • As bizarre as it is beautiful, the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) is home to a series of jagged canyons and spires of sandstone eroded into gorgeous shapes and colours.
  • Hiking to the Mirador Killi Killi offers incredible panoramic views of La Paz, and it’s completely free of charge.

best time to visit


Temperatures will be at their lowest this time of year, but so too will the chance of rain. Much of the country has dry weather with clear blue skies, letting you take in the magnificent scenery of the highlands if you don’t mind packing extra winter clothes.