lake titicaca tours

Explore the highest navigable lake on Earth on a Lake Titicaca tour. Titicaca is a vast lake of 9000km2 bordering Bolivia and Peru.

Rooted in fascinating Inca tradition, this immense lake was once revered as a powerful female deity that controlled climate and rainfall. While Peru’s side of Titicaca is famous for its floating Uros community, the Bolivian side is not short of its attractions either. Bolivia is often considered the less-trodden path, and it’s easy to see why the ancient Inca people believed the lake was crafted by the gods themselves.

things to do

  • The ruins of Tiwanaku were once the vast capital of an empire of the same name before it fell into decline. The most impressive structure is the Akapana, once believed to have been used for human sacrifice.
  • Believed by the Inca to be the birthplace of the sun and moon, a boat trip to Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna is the best way to see the ancient Incan temples.
  • Cerro Colvario is a short and challenging hike, but certainly worth it for the incredible views. On a clear day you can really appreciate the full scale and beauty of the lake.

best time to visit


This is the dry season, so you should expect plenty of clear blue skies as you explore Lake Titicaca. The high altitude create a drop in temperature, but it can be particularly cold during this time of year. Almost as essential as warm clothing is high factor sun cream, as there is very little cloud cover during this time of year.