potosi & sucre holidays

Sucre Home to the second oldest university in the Americas and crumbling colonial buildings, Sucre is a city frozen in time. Despite the city’s vintage charm, the local universities have created a sense of youth, with plenty of chic bars and restaurants adding to a wonderful Bolivian nightlife.

Potosi One of the highest cities in the world, Potosi is a colonial town once the pride of the Spanish Empire, after the discovery of silver mines in Cerro Rico (Rich Hill). After the silver dried the region fell into decline, but the increase in tourism is bringing with it a promising future outside of the mines.

things to do

  • Sucre’s surrounding areas are packed with adventure activities such as rock climbing, horse riding and paragliding.
  • Cal Orko (Dinosaur Wall) bears the footprints of Johnny Walker, a baby T-rex who roamed South America over 65 million years ago.
  • The silver mines in Potosi offer an insight into the miners’ extremely tough working conditions. Visitors often offer gifts such as coca leaves, mining gloves, and other small tokens to them.
  • Statues to the devil-like lord of the underworld El Tio were crafted deep in the mines to which miners provide offerings in exchange for protection. An unusual ritual for Catholic Bolivians, but a truly fascinating one to learn about.

best time to visit


The temperatures can go from 20॰C in the day to almost freezing at night, but this is dry season and precipitation levels are at their lowest. Resting in a valley surrounded by low mountains, Sucre enjoys a mild, spring-like climate all year.