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Resting on the banks of the Río Beni, Rurrenabaque – or “Rurre” as the locals call it – is Bolivia’s most popular ecotourism destination.

From tropical jungles and cloud forests to emerald savannahs, the impressive surrounding scenery is ideal for trekkers of all experience levels. Isolated from much of the outside world yet still well connected by road and air, Rurrenabaque makes for a pleasant change from the bustle of La Paz. Known as Bolivia’s gateway to the rainforest, Rurrenabaque’s location between the Amazon and Rio Beni make it an ideal base for exploring the region.

things to do

  • Madidi National Park is brimming with hundreds of wildlife species, including jaguars, spider monkeys, wolves, and spectacled bears. From tropical jungle and emerald savannahs to pristine cloud-forests, the impressive scenery is ideal for trekkers of all experience levels.
  • Treks in Madidi National Park can last between two days to a week, and can be carried out on foot or horseback. The best time to visit tends to be from May to August when the weather is most favourable
  • During dry season (May-October) Pampas del Yacuma is ideal for wildlife spotting, especially up-close from a canoe. The real stars of the show are the pink freshwater dolphins, who play and fish in the wide river bends

best time to visit


The tropic climate of the region means rain is a possibility any time of year, but these are usually the driest months. Temperatures rarely go below 20॰C, so Rurrenabaque doesn’t experience the same cold weather seen in other parts of the country.