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Away from the beaches and renowned sights of Rio, the interior of Brazil offers visitors a truly extraordinary experience.

This vast landscape ranges from the dry grasslands of the Sertao to the steaming jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. Spanning across more than half the country, the incredible Brazilian Amazon is home to dozens of uncontacted indigenous tribes. Paradoxically near the central heart of Brazil is the futuristic capital city of Brasilia. One of the most extraordinary achievements of the modern age, the entire city was completed back in 1960 by Oscar Niemeyer in the shape of an enormous bird in flight.

things to do

  • Once the richest city on the continent, the port city of Manaus is known as the Heart of the Amazon, home to about 50% of its population.
  • Covering an area larger than Belgium, Tumucumaque National Park is the largest tropical forest park in the world, home to fascinating and endangered wildlife species.
  • An early morning bird-watching Amazon canoe trip along the river lets you get as close to nature as possible, and scheduling it for the sunrise makes it even more special.
  • The Catedral Metropolitana is the centrepiece in the work of art that is Brasilia. Built in the shape of two hands in prayer, it’s a prime example of Niemeyer’s incredible work.

The Amazon

Largest tropical rainforest in the world.Youtube Icon

best time to visit


For general comfort as well as for tracking wildlife, we’d recommend travelling between these months, as conditions underfoot become increasingly difficult in other months. There are about 200 rainy days a year in the Amazon, but about 60% of it falls outside these months.

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