easter island (rapa nui)

Set adrift in the Pacific Ocean is the island of Rapa Nui, one of the most isolated and mysterious places on the planet.

For hundreds of years the island remained cut off from the world, and only in the last few decades has it become practical for the adventurous to reach its shores. The crowning achievement of the ancient Rapa Nui people are the bizarre Moai, larger than life stone carvings known as the Easter Island heads. Carved from the stone of Rano Raraku volcanic crater, 887 stone carvings have stood guard over the island for nearly 1,000 years.

things to do

  • Roughly half of the Easter Island Heads are located in Rano Raraku. Showing them at all stages of construction, it provides insight into these unique works of art.
  • Chill, swim, relax. Anakena Beach on the north of the island is a touch of paradise on this mysterious island, surrounded by soft sand and shaded by palm trees.
  • The tallest mountain in nearly 3,000km, Maunga Terevaka offers uninterrupted views of the island and ocean below. At 511m it isn’t a particularly high climb, but the lack of good roads can make it somewhat challenging.
  • With a strong influence from Polynesian dance, Ballet Kari Kari provides a rare glimpse into the island’s culture. An incredible display of skill and athleticism, it’s an entertaining way to learn about the local people.

Rapa Nui

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best time to visit

December - February

These are the summer months and usually the busiest time of year, but it can be worth it to ensure the best weather conditions with temperatures around 25°C, and low rainfall.

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