patagonia & torres del paine

Rising above the wild and windswept plains of Patagonia are the spectacular peaks of Torres del Paine, towering up to 2,700m in jagged peaks.

Blessed with some of the most impressive scenery on Earth, nearly 50% of Chilean Patagonia is dedicated to Protected Wilderness Areas. Giant glaciers and icy rivers wind their way through this spectacular region on the edge of the world, with remote settlements and towns dotted in between. Standing proud in this vast landscape are the peaks of Torres del Paine, one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders and the jewel in Chilean Patagonia’s crown.

things to do

  • Why stop at civilisations end? Take the Stella Australis cruise to Cape Horn and Chile’s remotest reaches.
  • Take the boat to the astounding Marble Caves of Chile Chico tucked away in a remote corner of General Carrera Lake.
  • Torres del Paine National Park has some of the continent’s finest hiking trails and no better than the challenging W trek that snakes through the park.
  • A visit to the island of Chiloé is a window into true life in northern Patagonia. Sample some of the superb seafood and take some time to marvel at its beautiful wooden churches.

Explore Patagonia

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best time to visit

October - May

Temperatures start to pick up in October and November, kicking off the beautiful Patagonian summer. Clear skies and comfortable temperatures averaging at 15°C become more common, providing excellent conditions for hiking and exploring the outdoors.

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