cartagena & caribbean coast

As one of Latin America’s best preserved colonial cities, Cartagena has earned the title ‘Jewel of the Caribbean’.

Surrounded by impressive stone walls that have stood the test of time, traces of its colonial heritage lie side-by-side with its trendy beachside resorts. Within travelling distance of some of the continent’s finest beaches are is one of the continent’s oldest and mysterious ancient cities, Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). Where South American and Caribbean vibes collide, every step along this spectacular coastal region deserves a photograph.

things to do

  • The mysterious Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) is believed to be 650 years older than Machu Picchu, and reaching over 5 days is an unforgettable journey.
  • Founded in 1525, Santa Marta is South America’s oldest surviving city. Despite the destructive efforts of Caribbean pirates, it has managed to hold onto its colonial heritage.
  • A tropical paradise of jungle-fringed beaches, a visit to Tayrona National Park is the perfect setting for a touch of relaxation in the Caribbean sunshine.
  • La Guajira Peninsula is home to the indigenous Wayuu people, who traditionally craft remarkable textiles that tell a unique story through colours and patterns.
  • Santo Domingo Church in Cartagena is a wonderful mixture of religion and art, with a gripping history dating back to the early years of the New World.

best time to visit

December - March

While temperatures stay close to 30°C all year, this is when the chance of rain is at its lowest. Bear in mind however that this is high season so it will likely be busier, but it’s often worth booking earlier to enjoy the best weather conditions in this gorgeous coastal region.

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