colombia’s pacific coast

Colombia’s best-kept secret,  the ruggedly beautiful Pacific Coast is a region of dense jungles and an incredible variety of sea life.

From spotting sea turtles and humpback whales to exploring indigenous villages hidden in the forest, this isolated part of Colombia remains something of a hidden gem. With much of it only accessible by air, the Pacific is one of the most untouched areas of Colombia. Often overlooked by travellers for the sake of its Caribbean counterpart, only in recent years have international visitors begun to notice Colombia’s wild side.

things to do

  • The town of Nuquí is a perfect base for those looking to experience whale watching. Humpback whales are among those that annually grace the local shores.
  • Once used as an offshore prison, Gorgona National Natural Park is home to an array of birdlife found nowhere else on Earth, and whales often gather nearby.
  • The slow-paced Playa Almejal is the perfect place to simply unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Colombia’s Pacific Coast.
  • Buenaventura is close to some of the country’s best surfing beaches, with the crashing waves of Termales and Terco being perfect for beginners.
  • The hike to El Cielo waterfalls across rivers and jungle trails can be challenging, but there are beautifully isolated natural pools found at the end.

best time to visit

July - October

The best time of year to witness the assembly of hundreds of humpback whales travelling north to warmer waters and also slightly less chance of rain.

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