galapagos Island holidays

Adrift in the Pacific ocean nearly 1,000km away from the mainland is the jewel in Ecuador’s crown; the iconic Galapagos Islands.

Around 97% of Galapagos is dedicated to protecting its unique wildlife, as many of its fascinating creatures are found nowhere else on Earth. With facilities and accommodation options rapidly improving, never before has it been easier to visit the place that inspired the work of the legendary biologist Charles Darwin. Despite its growth in popularity, few places feel as untouched by modern civilization.

things to do

  • Reserva El Chato is one of few places to spot a giant tortoise in its natural habitat, with horseback tours a good way to cover ground and get up close with nature.
  • The southernmost Galapagos island, popular Española is home to a variety of endemic wildlife, such as its own unique species of lava lizard and mockingbird.
  • For both hiking and diving, the area around Tortuga Bay is particularly special to explore at your own pace, with scenic walks along its incredible shores.
  • The second largest volcanic caldera in the world, Sierra Negra Volcano boasts an incredible carter 6 miles wide that makes for a challenging and rewarding hike.

best time to visit

January - May

With average daytime temperatures around 30°C, these months are usually the best for spotting wildlife. Young sea lions are often seen along the shores in March and April, whereas sea turtles tend to nest between January and February. This is the rainy season however so be prepared to encounter at least a few showers.