Dotted with 33 volcanoes, fascinating ancient ruins as well as both the highest mountain and deepest lake in Central America, Guatemala is a compact hidden gem.

One of the best places to learn of the Maya people that once ruled over Mesoamerica, Guatemala proudly clings to its ancient roots. Only about 2% of the country has been urbanised, with the rest remaining as naturally stunning now as it was in the days before Europeans landed in the Americas. The birthplace of chocolate with a delicious mixture of Mayan and Spanish cuisine, Guatemala (“land of trees” in Maya-Toltec language) is Central America’s land of timeless adventure.

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  • As the highest point in Central America, Tajumulco Volcano provides incredible views and photo opportunities, as the mountains below poke up through the clouds.
  • The beautifully preserved colonial city of Antigua is lined with colourful facades and hospitable people, and offers a fascinating insight into the real Guatemala.
  • Lake Atitlan encapsulates everything that makes Guatemala so exciting, with both the incredible Volcan San Pedro and the fascinating Iximche ruins nearby.
  • Situated in the remote northern forests, the mysterious Maya ruins of Tikal are some of the finest traces of the mysterious culture that once dominated this part of the world.

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