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A truly amazing country with a diverse and fascinating culture all its own, a holiday to Mexico is a traveller’s must. We’ll take you to unexplored corners in comfort and style so you get to experience the real Mexico. Offering some of the best hotels in the Americas this Latin giant will capture your heart: from its people, culture, cuisine and transformational experiences be sure to mark it on your must-see travel list.

Mexico holidays have it all: incredibly rich and complex culture, amazing wildlife, and stunning mountains and beaches. As one of Latin America’s largest countries Mexico offers a breath-taking range of destinations for travellers to explore. From the wild, marine rich coasts off Baja California, to the dense jungle speckled with the Maya ruins of the Yucatán Peninsula (and a whole lot in between!) Mexico is the perfect destination for adventure, culture as well as relaxation.   The best way to experience this spectacular country is with domestic flights thus offering you the most time in each location and to visit the country’s various luxury lodges, hotels and haciendas. As with every destination we offer, each location is 100% customized to your wishes and with excellent local guides who will take you trekking, on cultural walking tours, it’s your call. Viva Mexico!

things to do

  • A tour of cultural megalopolis Mexico City is a must. From superb museums showcasing its Maya, Aztec and other pre-Hispanic cultures, to excellent restaurants and festivals.
  • Take in the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, the festival’s spiritual home. There’s really nothing like it, and more than anything it’s a celebration of life!
  • Take a wildlife cruise along the beautiful islands, coves and beaches of the Sea of Cortez.
  • Explore the underworld and amazing cenotes (water filled sink holes) swimming or tubing.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner al fresco beneath a star-filled sky at the superb Hacienda San Jose

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