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At an altitude of over 3,800m (the highest navigable lake in the world), the colossal Lake Titicaca was once believed to be the birthplace of the sun.

Shared by both Peru and Bolivia and about 250m deep in the centre, Titicaca stretches over an area larger than the size of County Cork. Safe from the troubles of dry land, the resident Uros tribe pre-date the Incas, and have made their homes on floating islands made from the totora reed. Come and experience a Lake Titicaca tour for yourself and witness the splendid colours of this natural marvel, perched atop South America’s magnificent Andes Mountains.

things to do

  • South America’s first luxury sleeper train, the Belmond Andean Explorer is a wonderful way to cover as much ground as possible without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.
  • The residents on the Uros Floating Islands welcome visitors with open arms, and it’s an excellent opportunity to witness a way of life not found anywhere else on Earth.
  • Another example of the fascinating history that surrounds the lake, Sillustani boasts impressive chullpas (funerary towers) that are scattered across its gorgeous rolling hills.


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best time to visit

April - September

These tend to be the driest and clearest months of the years, letting you enjoy as much of the lake as possible. Average temperatures during the day should remain between 16-18°C, although it does get significantly cooler at night.

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