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A nation where cows outnumber people by about 4 to 1, Uruguay has been in the shadow of its famous neighbours shadow for far too long.

From bustling grand squares in Montevideo to the luxurious coastal resorts of Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio, Uruguay offers the sophisticated visitor an enticing mixture of culture, rolling hills and superb wine and gastronomy. Indeed its rapidly catching up with Chile and Argentina for winemaking, Uruguay was named worldwide “Country of the Year” in 2013 by The Economist magazine. The second smallest country in South America with a far more temperate climate than most others around it, the stage is set for Uruguay to become South America’s next travel hot spot.

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  • One of the best-preserved sites in Uruguay, Colonia del Sacramento is a city frozen in its colonial past, just 180km away from the capital of Montevideo.
  • The glamorous Punta Del Este might be located in Uruguay, but it’s where the glitterati and elite of Buenos Aires also make their home for the summer.
  • Uruguay has the longest Carnaval in South America, with the streets of Montevideo coming alive with flamboyant dancing and music for 40 days from January to February.
  • Maté is a bitter caffeine-rich tea that’s a major part of daily Uruguayan life, traditionally drank through a straw to filter out the yerba maté leaves.

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