Pacific Coast of Central America

An unforgettable cruise from Panama City to Puerto Quetzal!!

16-day trip: Includes all flights, transfers and hotels from €5,765 pp + taxes, departure April 2020

Let Nuevo Mundo and Silversea take you on a unique cruise along the Pacific coast of Central America. Venture off the beaten track and discover the diverse experiences this voyage has to offer. Indulge in the beauty of Costa Rica’s pristine beaches and palm trees or ascend the volcano Conchagua of El Salvador. Enjoy the nightlife of the cool, jet set village of San Juan del Sur and delight in the rare wildlife and exotic plants of the national parks and mysterious jungles. Explore five unforgettable countries: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala on this exciting journey.


  • 12-night cruise along the breath-taking Pacific coast of Central America plus 2 nights in the captivating city of Panama
  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Joya de Cerén El Salvador
  • An excursion to the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national park system, Corovado National park


Day 1 – Arrive in Panama

Panama has so much to offer, from the city’s captivating backdrop of skyscrapers, noble mansions and green hills, to its rich history, wild life and one of the most important waterways in the world, The Panama Canal.


Day 2 – At Leisure in Panama City

Take the time to discover the city at your own pace.


Day 3 –  Cruise departs Fuerte Amador (Panama City). 

Depart from Panama City and embark on your 12 night night voyage of the Pacific coast of Central America

Day 4 – Darien Jungle, Panama

Explore one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world; a true delight for avid bird watchers and nature lovers. Also take this opportunity to witness the original traditions of the Embera, one of the several indigenous groups that live in the Darien jungle.

Day 5 – Parida Island, Panama

Isla Parida is another of Panama’s gorgeous destinations


Day 6 – Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Golfo Dulce or ‘sweet gulf’ in English, is a hidden gem in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. Marvel in the natural beauty of this stop in paradise.


Day 7 – Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Corovado National park, is the pride and joy of Costa Rica’s national park system and why wouldn’t it be with the largest concentration of macaws and virgin lowland rainforest in Central America. This natural haven also represents a very diverse population of flora and fauna, including 10% of the mammals found in the Americas. 


Day 8 – Curu National Park & Isla Tortugas, Cost Rica

In the morning visitors will stop at Curu Wildlife Refuge where you will be captivated by the overwhelming amount of wildlife at the reserve, ranging from monkeys to sand crabs. In the afternoon, we travel to Isla Tortugas, named after its turtle-shaped volcanic rock formations. Relax and enjoy the island’s pristine beaches and snorkel in it’d crystal clear waters. 


Day 9 – Quepos, Costa Rica

Tourists can take this opportunity to appreciate the fantastic nature experience in Manuel Antonio National Park with the convenience of familiar amenities. Quepos allows visitors to enjoy a sweet treat at the local bakery and cool down with a refreshing beverage at the surrounding bars and restaurants. 


Day 10 – San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, lies the idyllic fishing village of San Juan del Sur. Don’t let this sleepy day time look deceive you, considered by some as the “St. Tropez of Nicaragua”, by night this village transforms itself into the hottest of hot-spots. Cool and jet set, it’s a great spot that enjoys a laid-back family orientated feel by day. 


Day 11 – Corinto, Nicaragua

The pretty port of Corinto offers a break from mysterious jungles and lush national parks. Discover Corinto’s colonial buildings, including its 18th century cathedral, many churches and residential houses which easily rival those of Granada. 


Day 12 – La Union El Salvador

La Union is located at the foot of the volcano Conchagua (elevation 4,100 ft, or 1,250 m). If you’re feeling energetic, visitors can climb to the top of the volcano to take in excellent panoramic views of El Salvador and the neighbouring countries of Honduras and Nicaragua. 


Day 13 – Bahia De Jiquilisco, El Salvador

Jiquilisco Bay is the best kept secret of the Pacific. Explore the many and beautiful channels of the bay (pending permission) by kayak. Another option will be to visit Central America’s largest cacao plantation in San Jose Real de la Carrera. And upon seeing the process, indulge in a cup of hot chocolate. 


Day 14 – Acajutla, El Salvador

Tour to Joya de Cerén, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site; a pre-Hispanic farming community that was buried under an eruption of the Laguna Caldera volcano. 


Day 15 – Puerto Quetzal

Arrival at Puerto Quetzal, our last stop. Transfer to Guatemala airport and flight home to Dublin via Atlanta.


Day 16 – Arrive in Dubli